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Bamboo floor

Being one of the fastest renewable plants, the hardness of kiln dried bamboo flooring is comparable to that of hardwood.

Bamboo flooring is composed of multiple layers of bamboo glued together in a cross-grain amination that is designed to counteract the natural tendency of bamboo to expand and contract when faced with changes in temperature and moisture. This makes bamboo flooring an excellent alternative in geographical areas that have excessive moisture, or in building spaces otherwise unsuited for solid hardwood. While thinner than solid wood flooring, engineered bamboo choices are more stable and dent resistant, and can be installed over concrete. Also, many engineered floors offer a floating floor option, allowing installation on a concrete sub-floor, as long as the sub-floor is clean, dry, and level.

Bamboo is a renewable natural resource that grows much faster than hardwoods. Typically, bamboo will reach maturity in four to five years where it can grow to a height if 80 feet. An environmentally friendly material, bamboo, has been producing outstanding, beautiful floors. Bamboo is technically not a tree, but a grass that includes over 1,000 species. Even without planting, bamboo grows back naturally. This makes bamboo an excellent, forest-friendly source of wood for flooring.

Bamboo flooring is durable, and has a warmth and beauty that makes it especially desirable for flooring.

Our beautiful selection of Wonderful bamboo flooring has been sourced from the Sea level above 500 meters high mountains area. It grow in much slower pace compare to other type of bamboo, so our finished product is much stabler. Our manufacturer was one of the earliest producers of bamboo flooring. With more than 10 years of experience in bamboo floor production, you can rest assure that we will only provide3a product of the highest quality and standards.

Wonderfulfloor® bamboo flooring is pre-finished with 7 layer of German Trefffert Eco-friendly coating. it comes in with patented clip locking system and traditional Tongue and grove system. Installing the wonderfulfloor bamboo flooring is quick and easy, has no toxic fumes and causes minimal disruption to the home owner. Clip system is DIY floating floor solution, is glue and nail free system. Tongue and glue system is traditional strip floor solution, can be lay as secret nail or glue sticked down, even with floating floor method (with a bit of experience.)


High altitude Mao bamboo
Type: Strand woven (compressed)
7 coats of German Treffert or Klumpp coating
FSC certified
Unilin Click System Durability (density)
Janka rating: 14
Formaldehyde Emission<EO (Better than recommended World Health Organisation level)
Size:14 x 125 x 1850
Available colours: blackbutt, natural, carbonated, Australiana (carbonated & natural mix), Antique, Red Mahogany, spotted gum, oak-pearl, oak-corn, teak

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Strand Wooven (Compressed) bamboo floor