1. Wonderful Floor® flooring warrants the bamboo & engineering flooring product in the original manufactured state free from structural defects for 25 years in residential applications and 5 years for use in commercial applications from the date of purchase. Laminated floor 15 years for residential application, commercial use 5years warranty, solid hardwood lifetime structure warranty, excluded due to external reason cause product defect.

2. Wonderful Floor® flooring will replace defective products only. This warranty excludes all other costs associated with installation of the products.

3. Wonderful Floor® flooring warrants to the original purchaser that the surface finish wear layer will not peel; or separate from the flooring plank for 10 years residential use and 3 years in commercial use from the date of purchase, excluded due to external reason such as moisture or chemical or others cause coating to peel or cracked, or heavy stained or liquor Penetrated to the floor board.

4. This warranty covers normal residential traffic, provided that all preventative maintenance and care operations are maintained.

5. We warrant below installation method:

  • Pre-coated hardwood floor: Recommend secret nail down method. Dwelling within 50km to ocean shore area, when install “wonderfulfloor” pre-coated hardwood floor,require floor board to left 2mm gap in every 1.5m width direction.
    If glue stick down installation, the board length must not exceed 1200mm.
  • Engineer wood floor: Floating, secret nail down or glue stick down method. Floor board length under 1200mm only.
  • Bamboo floor, laminated floor, floor board using floating installation method only.
  • WPC,PVC to be glue stick down unless room size less than 4mx4m.

6. Warranty does not cover Strand woven bamboo floor install by secret nail method when surface show nails mark.

7. Surface damage or water ingress during and after installation will not be cover by warranty.

8. The timber or bamboo chosen for Wonderful Floor® is specially selected from the highest grades of hardwood and bamboo and guaranteed. Any faulty floorboard1 will be replaced within a reasonable time, after the required notice is given in writing. Damage, whether deliberate or accidental caused by any sharp objects, dropped objects or pressure points such as furniture feet, stiletto heels or pet claw marks is excluded from this warranty.

9. If St Peters Enterprises Pty Ltd has not handled the installation process, our warranty does not cover any part of the installation.

10. It is considered the sole responsibility of the installer/owner to determine if the job site's sub-floor and environmental conditions are suitable for the installation of Wonderful Floor®


  • 11-1. We require that our floor product to be allowed for acclimatise to their new local environment prior to installation. Solid timber floor, engineer timber floor, bamboo floor for 2 weeks and PVC plank, WPC floor product for 2 days. In the home, various conditions such as heaters, air conditioning or direct sunlight can affect the moisture content of your floor. For this reason you must allow the timber time to adapt to these conditions. You should always avoid extreme weather conditions when acclimatising your Wonderful Floor®. In extreme weather, timber or bamboo may shrink or expand – this is a natural characteristic of wood; pre-finished UV coating may crack – this is the character of UV coating and is not a manufacture fault. Any contraction or expansion in hardwood or crack in UV coating is not covered by this warranty.
  • 11-2. If it is oil coating, it requires end user pay more attention to it, avoid wine, juice, liquor drop or other stain onto it. If does happen, must clean it up straight away. If stain still there, then use wet white fabric to apply on top of it with a bit of weight on it, also may change white fabric for a few time, this will help to sucking up the stained. If it lefts for too long stained may not be able to be get rid of it. Oil coating require plant base liquor soap to clean, avoid strong cleaner agency such as methyl spirit, as they may take off the oil coating, or color stain.oil coating penetrate to timber grain, it easy to appear lifeless, especially in the heavy traffic area, but it can be easily reapply the coating to a section or spot on top without sanding.
  • 11-3. Floorboard suitable for temparature between 5-35% Celsius only, internal moisture content to be between 35-65%. A property without curtain protection to prevent direct strong sunlight, without regular air circulation warranty will void.

12. Wood or bamboo is a natural product, containing natural variations in colour and tone. A slight colour variation between planks is to be expected in your natural Wonderful Floor® wood or bamboo. One species may container small quantity of other similar colour different species, this is deem to be acceptable in "Wonderfulfloor" product range if client install it, otherwise we are happy to exchange it. We urge you to inspect for colour, finish and quality before installation. We will not accept responsibility for variations in colour and tone once the floor has been installed.

13. Beautiful wood or bamboo floors are a product of nature and not perfect. These floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance of 5%. Grain variations, gum veins, mineral streaks and knots are just a few of the natural features that add to the inherent beauty of Wonderful Floor®. On Natural timber floor is not unused to find very small hairline split in the surfaces. This will not have any detrimental impact on timber floor, Australia eucalyptus species generally appear more often than other imported species with this character. The presence of such features is not a defect, and is not covered as part of this warranty. Manufacturer/distributor/retailer accepts no responsibility for costs incurred when a floor with such features has been installed.

14. This warranty applies to the original factory finish only and therefore will no longer apply if your Wonderful Floor® is re-surfaced or coated.

15. Your floor installation when completed to according to the Timber Strip Floors – Fixing and Finishing2 guidelines is designed to give you the best possible service life. Any changes to your floor structure, alterations or removal and reinstallation of any part of the flooring after its installation will void this warranty.

16. The maximum liability under this warranty is limited to the original purchase price of the defective floor wood material. This warranty and St Peters Enterprises' liability do not include labour, installation, or removal costs of replacement materials. St Peters Enterprises' obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacement (or suitable substitution) of only the floor wood materials which prove to be defective under normal installation, construction, use and maintenance.

17. If there are any problems before or during the laying of Wonderful Floor® hardwood, stop and do not continue installation. Contact us immediately for further advice on 02-9517413, or

1 Limited to the material structure of the floor board only.
2 Timber installation guide released by the National Timber Development Council