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We provide eco-friendly and renewable building products

We are sydney based company, with the industry experience since 1990. We value our client, proud to be a fair and beneficiary bussines partner.

About Us.

We are proudly to be a founding member of ATFA & a level 7 Platinm member.

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Proudly being a member of the ATFA* and accredited as an Industry Ambassador

We have been in the flooring industry for more than two decades, and are well aware of our social obligations. All of our products have been purchased from sustainability managed forests.

We use the most technologically advanced machinery to produce a wide range of eco-friendly and affordable products of the highest quality.

Australian native hardwood is renowned for its hardness, unique colouring and grain. Our timber flooring is manufactured from carefully selected seasoned timber that has been kiln dried to provide longevity, strength and durability. The distinctive beauty of hardwood timber flooring will bring warmth and elegance to any home.


We trade Australia, New Zealand soft wood, hardwood log, and sawn board.

Soft wood has pruned log, generally is of higher grade. It is used for manufactory furniture. Pulp log are lower grade log. It is used for making plywood or paper.


As a natural living material, hardwood floor must be taken care of after installation has been completed. Flooring should be sheltered from direct sunlight by curtains, blinds or similar window protection. Timber may be affected by heat from sources such as free-standing heaters and stoves, as well as high voltage down lights.